The Witcher 3 HDR Update finally makes it to PS4

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The Witcher 3 HDR Update

The Witcher 3 HDR Update finally makes it to PS4

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CD Projekt Red never ceases to please its fans.  Years after the launch of the title and we’re still getting quality work from them.  The long-awaited The Witcher 3 HDR Update is finally here.

It almost feels like a generation ago when The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt first graced our displays in 2015.  Sure it’s only 3 years ago, but still, it’s hard to believe that a 3-year-old game is still getting updates and improvements to this day.  CD Projekt RED has against all odds delivered yet another quality update to the aging masterpiece.  Fans have been clamoring for The Witcher 3 HDR Update for PS4.  It’s here folks and if you have the display that supports it…IT IS GLORIOUS.

If you’ve been hibernating for the last 2 years and have no clue what I’m on about.  Think of HDR as OMO washing powder for your gaming (Mzansi gamers will get the reference, sorry World),  it makes all the brights even brighter and the dark bits darker.  So games that support HDR will have a wider range of colors which then highlights finer details in the games.  When implemented properly, it could result in night and day differences.  Of cause, the catch is, you will need a display that supports HDR signal.

So if you have a swagger-licious 4K TV with HDR and happen to have PS4 (The Witcher 3 of cause), then the update is probably downloading as we speak.  Or already installed and just waiting for you to fire it up.  Really it’s worth another playthrough just to see the difference in image quality.  Especially when running the game in 2160p (Checkerboard) on a PS4 Pro.  I think I’ll give the old bird another smash, I’m certain I have a ton of side quests I’ve yet to complete.  As always be sure to keep coming back to SkyGamers.  While you’re at it, go take a peek at our brand new SkyGamers Store features a great selection of Steam Games at a dirt cheap price.  Happy HDR Gaming!

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