My PlayStation brings PlayStation profile to the web

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My PlayStation

My PlayStation brings PlayStation profile to the web

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Sony has freed your PlayStation Online Profile from the clutches of your console.  Available now on the web is My PlayStation, your one stop PlayStation Online…Everything.  Details after the break.

Ever wanted to make modifications to your PlayStation profile while away from your console?  Well, Sony listened to your irritations and officially launched My PlayStation website.  So what exactly do I mean when I say my PlayStation Profile.  Well if you head over to the PlayStation website you’ll notice there’s a new tab on the top right corner titled “My PlayStation”, this is the new home of your online presence on PSN.

Basically we’re talking about your trophy collection from all your consoles.  Your friends list are also easily accessible from this webpage as well as the ability to search for new friends.  What about your PS Plus collection?  Yep got you covered in that department too.  If you feeling like your wallet is a little heavy and you’d like to empty it on a few games, you will be able to hop directly to the PS Store.

Think of this as the facebook of your PS Profile.  Now the social media functionality of your PS4 console is fully realised.  It’s a really nifty idea.  I’m just not sure how many Playstation gamers will be keen on this platform.  But it’s there if you want it.  So go check it out and see if it catches your fancy.  As always, stay locked to

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