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Injustice 2 all Supermoves and Characters

Injustice 2 all Supermoves and Characters

Injustice 2 is fast becoming one of my best games of the year so just to showcase the games epicness we bring you Injustice 2 all Supermoves and Characters.

The character editions to the game such as Black Manta, Raiden Sub Zero, Hellboy and Spawn just to name a few after its launch has been more than welcome and at times left gamers jaws on the floor with the Supers that the characters have.

My personal favourite was Raiden and seeing the reactions of other gamers on YouTube had as all doing fist bumps.

Drop us your comments of what your favourite characters are along with the super moves that you enjoyed the most.

Lets see what character or super gets the most votes

Below are videos of the Supers and Characters enjoy!

Super Moves


As always keep it locked to SkyGamers

Happy Gaming

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