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Why I will be Skipping Gran Tourismo Sport – GTS

You might think that I am completely mad to skip Grant Tourismo sport but there are valid reason, bear with me and see why

It is not all doom and gloom. The graphics are beautiful and sleek. The replays in particular stand out for me. Other people complain about the sound. To me if is not bad there a nice transition and other cars come into the mix. The online campaign is the sweet spot with a user-friendly lobby.

Now for the not so good news. Please note that GTS is not a new version but a complete reboot. The campaign is no longer the driving force of the title but rather the online gaming.

Let talk cars, if you compare GTS to other racing games it is left out in the cold a bit. There is an obviously lack in overall content. It is clearly a need to add more super cars and they really need to think increasing he hyper car stables. Yes, I know about the magic 500 number of cars coming your way via DLC. Sources reveal there will be no micro transactions in game but there has been talk that it might not all be free.

Show me your tracks, wait what how many do you have? Again, I feel this is a weak point of GTS. You have Sony backing you so if is not a financial issue why leave out legendary tracks. Yes, there are great tracks but looking closely and you will see that some of the tracks are sections of a bigger tracks. Driving the track in reverse and creating fictional tracks makes up for the variants. GTS needs to relook at this and definitely in ways of DLC. GTS does not provide dynamic weather like other it rivals either.

Let’s talk about the white elephant in the room online connectivity. Competitor’s offer full offline modes as well as some multiplayer aspects. The thing that gets me is that you cannot save your game if you get disconnected. If your line drops you need to keep your PS4 powered up until the connection is restored. Here is hoping that the power does not go off, can you say it with me endurance race. Another frustration is that you cannot even view your cars photos offline.

In closing I miss he older nostalgic Gran tourimso of the numbering system. By the looks of it that ship has sailed as well.

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