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Lawbreakers Closed Beta

New Law Breakers content arriving soon

Boss Key Productions have confirmed the arrival of brand new Law Breakers content shortly.  So for the 10 people left still playing this game, here’s something to be excited over.

Okay, I’ll admit it, that was damned harsh.  It’s no secret that Boss Key Production’s multiplayer team-based hero shooter isn’t doing very well.  To the point that Cliffy B himself has considered this whole experience “humbling”.  Even with the low numbers of gamers playing this truly underrated gem, Boss Key has stuck to its guns and will be releasing new Law Breakers content very soon.  Players will be getting 2 new maps for the game as well as a new Boss League competitive mode.  All for absolutely free.

Cliffy B has said that players will keep getting updates and free DLC for the game regardless of its really low concurrent player count.  I’m honestly proud of them for continuing with their plans regardless of how badly it’s doing.  Most other studios would just pull the plug and cut their losses.  It’s a shame really, as this game is a damned load of fast-paced fun.  I guess the timing wasn’t right with the release of this title.  Everyone and their dog is busy releasing Hero shooters, so it could just be market over-saturation.  Or maybe everyone is still hung up on the fact that it was initially announced as a free-to-play game but released as a rather cheap retail title.

Whatever the reason for the game’s failure, it’s quite disheartening seeing such a great game from a great director do so poorly.  Perhaps the team such consider moving the game to a free to play model.  Though that is known to be the death knell of multiplayer games, it might increase player count.  However, I do suggest that if the game does get another free weekend, do yourself a favour and give it a go.  You might just end up loving what you try.

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