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Another Free Overwatch play next weekend

The gift that keeps on giving.  Fans will be getting yet another Free Overwatch play next weekend.  It gives those who haven’t played before a chance to try out Doomfist.  Step inside for more details.

The hugely popular hero team shooter just keeps on giving fans more content than should be possible with a single purchase.  Blizzard keeps constantly adding new heroes, maps, and special events through out the year.  Occasionally they’ll even let nonowners get their hands on the game to tease them of what they’re missing out on.  Like next weekend when you guys get free Overwatch play.  Players will once again, get access to the entirety of the game.  No restrictions.

That means all 25 heroes, including the recently released Doomfist, will be at your disposal.  In addition to that, all 16 maps will also be there for you to try out.  All your progress that you gain over the weekend will persist should you purchase the full game.  The free weekend will be starting from 22nd September to the 25th September.  It will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.  Just keep in mind that for console gamers, PS Plus is required for PS4 and Xbox Live Gold for Xbox One.

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