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new Code VEIN gameplay video

Bandai Namco drops new Code VEIN gameplay video

Bandai Namco has just released a brand new Code VEIN gameplay video showing off its combat.  You can definitely see the Dark Souls inspiration.  Hop inside and take a look.

Fancy a Dark Souls game with an Anime aesthetic in a post-apocalyptic vampire world?  Then Code Vein is exactly the game for you.  Bandai Namco has an awesome looking new Code VEIN gameplay video.  Fans will get to see the combat running in-engine.  You can really see the Dark Souls/Bloodborne inspiration in this video.  Yet the unique anime cell shaded look really makes this game stand out from other “Dark Souls” clones.  Not that I’m calling this experience a clone, you just can’t help but make the comparisons.

Let’s jump to the reason we’re all here, to check out Code VEIN gameplay.  Enjoy the video below.

Code VEIN Gameplay