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Project CARS 2 E3 Trailer

Check out new Project CARS 2 E3 Trailer

With E3 2017 fast approaching, the trailers of upcoming games are releasing thick and fast.  Enter Project CARS 2 E3 Trailer.  Namco Bandai shows off the gorgeous racer in all its in-game glory.

As a huge fan of all things cars, racing games are my go-to genre when I have the need for speed.  Plus its pretty much the closest I’m ever going to get to some of the greatest supercars ever built.  Project CARS entered the fray as the new boy on the block, ready to give the big boys (Forza and Gran Turismo) a run for their money.  With the success of the first game, work immediately began on the sequel.  Now we’re just days away from the game being unleashed at E3 2017.

To mark this special occasion, Namco Bandai has released the Project CARS 2 E3 trailer.  And it’s exactly what you’d expect from trailer…about cars racing.  The obligatory glory shots of the cars, gorgeous visuals and speed, lots of speed.  This is car porn at its best.  Don’t believe me, why not check out the beautiful trailer below.  Project CARS will be launching on September 22nd, 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.  Enjoy the trailer.

Project CARS 2 E3 Trailer

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