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PlayStation 3 Production ends

PlayStation 3 Production ends, we say Goodbye

And as the PlayStation 3 Production ends, we say goodbye to the epic era that was the previous generation of consoles.  Boy, we had a good run with that one,  Cheers to you old friend.

I feel like I’m writing a eulogy for an old friend.  Sony of Japan has published on their official site confirmation that PlayStation 3 Production ends.  What this basically means is that for all intents and purposes, there will no longer be any PS3 consoles being produced.  And once the final batch is shipped out, that’s it…it’s gone for good.  The PS3 initially launched in 2006 and had a bit of a really bad start.  For one it didn’t show up in South Africa until the following year.  This meant if you wanted a then-next-gen console your only option was Xbox 360.  It got worse, the price was ridiculously high and the damn thing was so hard to develop for that pretty much every game looked and played worse on this console.  The final nail in the PS3 coffin was the network breach in which thousand of players’ credit card details was stolen.  That should’ve killed it.

But it didn’t die.  Oh no, Sony came back hard and stronger than ever.  They improved production of the units with the introduction of the PS3 Slim.  Which then drove the retail price low enough to make it a worthwhile purchase.  Add to that, it was the cheapest Blu-Ray player you could buy.  Sony started coming out with some seriously strong exclusive library.  And the cherry on top was the introduction of PlayStation Plus.  This masterstroke of an idea gave subscribers discounts to games.  You also got early access to content and best of all, you got access to a free games library that was yours provided you stayed subscribed.  This was such a great idea that Microsoft even followed suit with their own version three years later.

PS3 has sold about 80 million units to date, making it a really successful console.  Even though it started out on a bad foot.  I still have my PS3 Slim sitting right underneath its PS4 Pro sibling.  I still have a huge collection of titles for it that I really don’t want to sell in favour of the remastered version on PS4.  We had a great run with the PS3 era.  With production on Xbox 360 already ended last year, PS3 was the last man standing.  The torch has been passed onto the PS4, all eyes are on it to see how far it will go.  Cheers old friend, it’s been fun!


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