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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test

Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test recap

We got some hands-on time with the Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test over the weekend.  Respawn made some tweaks thanks to gamer feedback.  Here’s our recap.  Prepare for TitanFall!

Titanfall originally launched as an Xbox exclusive for Xbox One and Xbox 360.  Created by former makers of the Call of Duty games, Respawn Entertainment.  The game was crazy tons of fun on Xbox One and I still play the game to this day.  With Titanfall 2, PS4 owners get to join in on the fun.  Over the weekend, I tried out Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tech Test which included some tweaks and changes.  Fans had some complaints about the rate at which you would gain your titan and even worse, how easily you would loose it.  Luckily, I only got to play the game after the fixes.  The game was played on PS4 just to see if it felt different to the Original on Xbox One.

In case you don’t know, Titanfall is a Multiplayer FPS that pits 2 teams against each other.  Gamers play as pilots who are fast nimble fighters who can traverse the environment parkour style with the help of wall running and double jumping jetpacks.  These pilots get access to a shockingly quick Mechs known as Titans that drop in from Orbit.  And boy was this game excellent when it came out, still is.  So now, on to the Multiplayer Tech Test.


The game looks great.  It’s no DOOM but it’s pretty enough to look at.  The first game on Xbox One wasn’t the prettiest and Respawn clearly listened to fans and did a good job improving the visuals for the sequel.  The game runs at a buttery smooth 60 FPS with a few slowdowns during really tense action scenes.   Not bad enough or often enough to derail from the experience.  As for the sound, all my sessions were with a set of cans.  It sounds really good.  Lots of rich background noises and distant battles.  I love that you could in close quarters tell which direction your attacker is coming from just by paying attention to the direction of the sound.  Sure this is standard practice nowadays but Titanfall sounded like they really nailed it.

If you’ve never played Titanfall before, you’ll be surprised at the speed of the thing.  Pilots move very fast and are supremely nimble.  Once you get to grips with the movement mechanics you’ll be vaulting, wall running and double jumping in no time.  It feels so natural and you’ll be chaining together crazy moves with little effort.  Speaking of chaining moves.  When you wall run, you get a speed boost every time you jump off a wall onto another.  This is essential you are trying not to get squished by those Titans.

Whenever anyone says “Mech”, your first thoughts are slow and lumbering.  Not the case in Titanfall.  These walking tanks are deceptively huge but move at the pace of a Baron of Hell demon from DOOM.  In other words, they’re fast.  You can sprint with these guys and even boost them in any direction for a limited time.  A new feature in Titanfall 2 is the new core uses.  Think of it as super moves and you get the idea.  Each different Titan has a different Core weapon that charges up over time and unleashes a massive damaging blow to the enemy.


My only criticism is that it feels as though the Titans from the first game are much harder to take down.  In the sequel though they seem a little nerfed.  It’s really frustrating to get your Titan then it’s completely destroyed in a few seconds.  Long wait till next Titan drops.  However, the better you play the quicker you get your next Titan.  We’re not just talking enemy kills here, but also completing objectives.

There were 3 modes available to play during the Tech test.  One is called Bounty Hunt and it quickly became the most frustrating, angering, adrenaline-fueled gaming joy!  Your team gets money for each kill you make.  However, if you get killed you lose half your cash.  The only way to save the cash is to bank it when a bank becomes available and those are open for a short while then they close again.  The frustrating bit comes in when some pain in the neck pilots camp at a bank, kill you and take half your dough for his team.  Fun times.  Next up is Amped Hardpoint.  Think of this as Battlefield’s Conquest Mode and you get the idea.  The last is Pilot vs Pilot which is basically TDM.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I can’t wait to play the finished title when it releases.  Definitely a Day One purchase in my book.  Titanfall 2 launches on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 28th October 2016.  Hopefully, Battlefield 1 doesn’t cannibalize the sales of this release as they are way too close for my liking.  I still think EA should’ve released them at different times of the year.  As always stay tuned to SkyGamers.