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Games to play with your non-gamer partner

Games to play with your non-gamer partner

With today being women’s day in South Africa, we decided to do an article about what games you can enjoy with your non-gamer partner. Since all guys will be under pressure to wine and dine your partner this month hopefully our list can help out.

Today marks the official start of woman’s month here in South Africa this means quite a few things for us guys,
your partner will be looking at you with those googly eyes thinking what you have planned for them not
only for today (us guys never get off that easy) but for the rest of the month.

Further more for us gamers it means dont you dare look at your console otherwise you gonna be starting
something, as your significant other wants all your attention, gifts, pampering, breakfast in bed, the list is endless.

However if you do manage to sneak a gap and do some gaming, why not sit her down next to you, give her
the second controller and jam something together?

This will definitely score you some points and a post on social media with the hashtag
#GamingWithBae….or you can end up like Jesse…Dont be like Jesse!

Here’s our list of games you can play with your non-gamer partner  during woman’s month

Dance Central – Dancing to some of your favourite tunes while still getting a workout is great way to spend the day
Kinect Adventures – Fun games plus the snap pics after each adventure are awesome and make for a great laugh
Tekken – Kick some tales with your girl (girls love to button bash)
Mario Kart – A go-cart racing game with your childhood icons is always a winner
Monopoly – This is an all time favourite that never gets old

Happy women’s day to all ladies out there, hope you have a very special day from us at SkyGamers