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Team Talk: Game releases we missed

Today’s post of Team Talk, we take a look at the game releases we missed and would like to have a go at those titles in our down time.  So sit back, kick off a load and enjoy this quick trip to the backlog collection.

As much as we would love to play every major release of games on the day they come out, reality is we really can’t.  So the entire team here has a massive collection of backlog games we completely missed for a different number of reasons.  So today we take a trip into that backlog and see which games are primed for a play through during our down time.  Each team member was given specific orders to only mention 3 games they missed (believe me our list is huge, so we had to cap it at 3).  So without further ado, This is Team Talk.

Riaan G.

Mortal Kombat X


My first recollection of Mortal Kombat was the in the forgotten placed called a gaming arcade( giving away my age ).  Mk had the biggest and bad-ass arcade box in the joint and the thrill of lining your tokens on the machine ready to take down the reigning king brings back memories.  A lot have changed since those days and MK has evolved leaps and bounds, yes it some rough times who can forget MK4 and MK deadly alliance but it has grown from strength to strength in the last couple releases.  With the release of MKXL (Kombat packs 1 & 2), my childhood dream is coming true where I can finally see which is the superior extra-terrestrial,  Predator or the Xenomorph.  The game graphics has rich textures and the gameplay is smooth and fast paced.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


I can recall the first time the game was revealed, there was lots of hype but for some reason, it never stuck with me.  Fast forward a couple of years and the franchise has grown strength to strength and the new expansion pack is sure to keep things fresh.  I played the demo for a couple of weeks and it is apparently clear that this is good value for your buck considering that you can easily spend in excess of 100 hours of gameplay if you get side tracked with missions.  It may have slipped away from me but now that the story is at an end I will surely give this open world RPG a thrashing.

Grim Dawn


I recall when playing Diablo 2 it was an epic adventure where you can spend hours upgrading your character and testing your might against the hell’s spawn.  With Diablo 3 not living up to its predecessor and marred with problems I turned my attention to Grim dawn.  The graphics look impressive and the story has depth with the various factions that you need to ally with in order to become stronger is a nice change.  The game isn’t resources intensive; the side quests do not take you a month to complete and it boasts a large open world environment.  It is one that flew under my radar but I am sure to investigate the blip on my screen.

Samuel T.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Hideo Kojima’s final entry in the world of Metal Gear Solid.  This game had one hell of a troubled development.  With multiple delays and trouble from within Konami itself.  So it is very fitting that Kojima’s final Metal Gear game is one heck of a last hoorah.  Stealth action that has been done absolutely perfectly.  Which I just happen to miss entirely for reasons beyond me.  Luckily, PlayStation Store is currently selling this game at a steal, so I might get my hands on a copy after all and find out for myself what all these 10 scores are about.

The Evil Within


I’m a huge fan of survival horror genre.  Crazily disappointed over and over by recent Resident Evil instalments.  When news broke out that the creator of Resi is working on a brand new title that will return to Horror roots.  I was sold.  Take my money now.  And then The Evil Within was launched to rave reviews.  Heck, I bought a digital copy too for my PS4.  I just never bothered to boot up the game.  Ever.  Still sitting there on my hard drive waiting for the day I fire up the game for the first time.  In fact, when did this game come out?

Quantum Break


Oh YES!  That dude that plays Iceman in Xmen movies (before they got unceremoniously rebooted), that team that created the awesome underrated Alan Wake (until they made promises of a sequel which we’re still are waiting for, thanks for the cliff hanger guys!!).  Really what could go wrong?  Apparently in sunny South Africa, the PRICE.  Yep this was that first standard edition game to break the R1000-00 mark and retailed for R1199-00.  That was a deal breaker!  However, this game is really intriguing.  Max Payne gunplay, mixed in with some Remedy storytelling and a heck of a lot of time abilities.  This game looks awesome.  Just waiting for that price to drop to acceptable levels first.

Alfred A.

 Batman: Arkham Knight


Well, what needs to be said about Arkham Knight that hasn’t been already said. This was an epic miss for me in not getting this game release day, but it was one of those games I knew a buddy would get and I would borrow it from him. Well, a buddy did get it and after playing it refused to give it up as it was one of the best games he had played, he watched over his copy like a fat kid loves cake hehe.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops III


This was an even more of a double epic fail but honestly, I felt the price for the game was a bit steep thus me not getting it release day and I decided to wait till it was on special or the price came down. Well, my patience has paid off and it has been added to the list of games to get. Can’t wait to start jamming this all weekend, super excited for this one!!

Project Gotham Racing 4/Star Wars Battlefront


Since for some reason, I seem to have lost my edge for racing games, but Project Gotham Racing was one of those racing games I first played on 360 and loved so I have decided to recharge the battery, stick the key in the ignition and put pedal to the floor and grab myself a copy of PGR4. Star Wars Battlefront I wanted to get release day but then I was on the fence and never fell over. This will be another game I borrow from a buddy!

It seems one of our team members forgot how to count to 3.  That’s it for today’s Team Talk.  Feel free to share with us any game releases you might have missed and your reason for skipping.  Just post it in the comments section below.  Happy Gaming!