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Favourite Game of E3 2016

Team Talk: Favourite Game of E3 2016

This may be a little belated.  The team had a tough time going through all the details of games at E3 so that we can pick our Favourite Game of E3 2016. This is another edition of Team Talk.

E3 2016 was extremely feature packed.  So many games were demoed and announcements made.  The team is completely split on what we saw this year.  It seems we couldn’t agree on a favourite game of the show.  So what we’re going to do instead.  Team members will each pick the game that was their personal favourite.  Exciting year waits ahead folks.  This is our personal favourite games of E3 2016.

Alfred A.

Injustice 2


Injustice Gods Among Us 2 is my game for the E3 release.  Considering that I still play Injustice 1 one on my phone and am still loving it.  The announcement of Injustice 2 won my pick.  With a character list of 28 heroes and the badest villain’s (with the list still growing) you would definitely want to and HAVE to try them all out which means lots of gameplay…lots of OMG moments…lots of Redbull…lots of sleepless nights…lots of “damn, it’s 3 am already” LOL.

The combo moves of the characters are insane, health bar depleting moves and of cause the amazing super moves that the characters have make you want to say ouch!! I got my a** kicked, the best part is while you having your a** handed to you.  The graphics and creativity during the super move are some of the best I’ve seen to date. This game is sure to leave your fingers blue and your jaw sore from all the controller bashing and jaw-dropping moments.

Samuel T.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew


This game alone is what totally sold me on VR.  I don’t care if this ends up being the only game I play on VR, but this is exactly what makes the technology so amazing.  How many Trekkies have always wanted to experience piloting a Federation Vessel?  Or being a Captain on your very own Bridge?  In Star Trek Bridge Crew, that fantasy becomes reality.  It’s not just about any single player (Which you totally can do…teammates are replaced by AI bots), it’s about a team of 4 doing their jobs to the best of their ability to reach a collective goal.  That IS the Federation way.  This game nails it.

I can’t wait to rescue a stranded starship while fighting off Klingons as the Captain.  Or beaming up survivors/ Targeting war vessels as Tactical.  Redirecting power to shields or propulsion as Engineering.  Or out manoeuvring an attacking vessel as Helm.  These are all the experiences that make this title so great as a Star Trek fan and definitely my favourite game of E3 2016.  Ensign, Take us to warp!

Riaan G.

Gears of War 4

Siege Beast

Too long have we waited to taint our Lancers with the blood of friends and foes.  As with the previous instalments, the story and cinematics could be mistaken for a Hollywood blockbuster.  They stick with the perfect gameplay recipe and horde mode is one of my favourite add for the award winning adventure.  The game looks polished and it is making the return back to PC users.

There you have it, folks.  As you can clearly see, we have a unique and varied selection as our individual favourites for the show.  Strangely, none of us picked God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn.  Or the breathtaking Zelda Breath of the Wild.  I really thought the other guys would.  Anyway, feel free to share with us which game is your favourite from this year’s E3, in the comments section below.  This is Captain of the USS SkyGamers, signing off and wishing you guys a very happy gaming weekend.