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Road To Next-Gen PS5 Specs

Road To Next-Gen PS5 Specs Revealed

After what feels like forever, Sony finally exits their quiet place and spill the beans on the PS5 Specs. So here’s the low down on what’s under the chassis. Lead Architect of PS4 and the upcoming PS5, Mark Cerny, had…

Next-Gen Consoles

What I Really Want From Next-Gen Consoles

We know the Next-Gen Consoles are just around the corner. We have an idea of what kind of hardware they’re going to be packing. But is prettier graphics really what we want? I have other plans in mind… It seems…


Road to Next-Gen Begins Now

With 2020 having kicked off, all eyes are fixed on Microsoft and Sony as the two Gaming behemoths get ready to duke it out in World War Next-Gen. Here’s how it all stacks up. Yes, both Tech giants have shown…


PS5 Needs to fix this one issue

We know the PS5 is coming and it’ll be packing serious heat. However, dear Sony, we need to talk about something that’s gotta go. Sony and Microsoft have both shown just a few of the cards they’re holding for the…

PS5 Details

How Close were we about PS5 Details?

Mark Cerny has dropped some PS5 Details recently. It’s going to be a beast no doubt. But how close were we when we fantasy put together a PS5 of our own? Let’s take a look. We’re on the precipice of…