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PS5 Reveal Event

Road to Next Gen: PS5 Reveal Event

Wow, after what feels like forever with no details from Sony, we finally get not just an epic showing of games but the final console design in the PS5 Reveal Event so here are our thoughts. This is exactly what…

Road To Next-Gen PS5 Specs

Road To Next-Gen PS5 Specs Revealed

After what feels like forever, Sony finally exits their quiet place and spill the beans on the PS5 Specs. So here’s the low down on what’s under the chassis. Lead Architect of PS4 and the upcoming PS5, Mark Cerny, had…

Next-Gen Consoles

What I Really Want From Next-Gen Consoles

We know the Next-Gen Consoles are just around the corner. We have an idea of what kind of hardware they’re going to be packing. But is prettier graphics really what we want? I have other plans in mind… It seems…