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Nioh Alpha Demo Preview

We take Geralt’s Japanese cousin for a spin in a Samurai-themed Dark Souls game.  Nioh is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, developed by the guys that brought us Ninja Gaiden and the awesome beat-em up Dead or Alive.

Whatcha Playin?

In this brand new segment, we take a peek behind the scenes.  See what games we play when we’re not getting the latest news or previewing/reviewing titles.  The results are somewhat interesting.

Digital or Physical Purchase?

Doom Open Beta just ended this weekend, and boy was it fun!  It’s a done deal, Doom will be mine…which brings me to the age old question, Digital or Physical Purchase.  Here are my thoughts.

Team Talk: Games we can’t wait for

Following on our Gaming Leader Board, we ask our team which game they can’t wait to play.  Welcome to Team Talk…where each editor discusses a gaming topic of the week.

Gaming Leader Board: Anticipated Games of 2016

2016 is shaping up to be a stellar year.  We are going to kick off our first ever Gaming Leader Board column, where we count down to our favourite “thing” in gaming.

PlayStation 4K…Love it or Hate it?

Rumours have been doing the rounds lately about Sony working on a PlayStation 4.5 console with a possible GPU upgrade.  I’ll be digging into my thoughts on the subject.