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Replay Review : Mortal Kombat X

In a recent post by the team, I mentioned that I missed Mortal Kombat X. The copy is in my hands so let see what the latest installment of the EPIC fighting franchise has to offer.

Games to play with your non-gamer partner

With today being women’s day in South Africa, we decided to do an article about what games you can enjoy with your non-gamer partner. Since all guys will be under pressure to wine and dine your partner this month hopefully…

Gears Of War 4 Campaign Impressions

The Gears of War franchise has taken a bit of a break in recent times.  Now with the new trailer for Gears of War 4 the excitement is back in full and the hype is real.  Head inside for my…

Nintendo NX Rumours: More mobile than console

This week has been a flood of supposed leaks of info regarding the upcoming console from Ninty.  Nintendo NX Rumours seem to be setting the interwebz alight.  We dive into the latest “info”.

Team Talk: Game releases we missed

Today’s post of Team Talk, we take a look at the game releases we missed and would like to have a go at those titles in our down time.  So sit back, kick off a load and enjoy this quick…

Reader Review: Pokemon Go

Presenting our first-ever Reader Review.  This brand new column has you guys sending in your review of a game you have played.  To kick this off, one of our readers sent us the review for Pokemon Go.  Jump inside and have…