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Game Giveaway Winner

Announcing Our First Game Giveaway Winner

We’ve had an influx of you guys entering into our SkyGamers-Store DOOM giveaway.  We thank everyone, but there can be only one Game Giveaway Winner.

We started last month with this whole idea of giving away games to our fans, sponsored by our Digital Gaming Store and thought with the great support that we received from you guys, we might as well make this a regular deal.  But before we look into the future lets get to announce our first ever Game Giveaway Winner.  Hope you guys are just as excited as we are. So without any further ado.  Here’s our Winner:

Eddie G

From Tampa, FL, USA

Congratulations buddy!  Your Steam Redeem Code for DOOM (2016) on Steam will be winging its way to your email address this very moment.  Enjoy Ripping and Tearing Demons in the phenomenal FPS shooter.  To everyone else, there’s always October’s Giveaway which we’ll share details very soon.  As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers for all your favourite gaming news.  Happy Demon-Slaying Gaming!