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Comic-Con Africa 4-Min Video

Comic-Con Africa 4-Min Video Nutshell

It took a bit of a while to take all the footage we had from that awesome weekend and distil it to a quick, Comic-Con Africa 4-Min Video nutshell.  Enjoy!

We absolutely loved our time at the first ever Comic-Con Africa.  It was the quintessential geek heaven and if you missed it this year, something you absolutely have to experience when it inevitably makes a comeback in 2019.  Hopefully bigger and better than what we got to see.  With that being said, here’s a very brief look back at some of what we saw at the main stage of the showing in this Comic-Con Africa 4-Min Video.

Bare in mind, this is but a fraction of everything that was displayed, showcased, celebrity interviews and the like.  You can hop back and check out our Day 1 – 3 coverage.  Honestly, for a first time try it was really well done and we’re looking forward to attending yet again, same time next year.  Enough chit-chat from me here, check out the video below.

One more thing, time is running out on our DOOM (2016) giveaway, so you fancy walking away with the phenomenal FPS, just head over to that article for competition details and enter while you still can.  Tick Tock guys.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.co.za.

Comic-Con Africa 4-Min Video