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DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal impressions

Last week Id Software blew the doors open with DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal.  After having gone through the footage several times, I share my thoughts on the game.

It’s no secret that we here at SkyGamers absolutely love DOOM (2016).  Easily one of the very best FPS games of this generation, if not ever.  So when Id Software teased at the sequel to the 2016 release, we absolutely lost our collective minds.  But that was just a tease.  Last week we got to see the full gameplay reveal of DOOM Eternal and I’m going to share my initial thoughts of the upcoming shooter.

One of the things that made the 2016 game so great was its absolutely unapologetic nature in how its all about slaughtering demons in the most brutal ways possible.  It was light on story, though filled with lore if you were willing to go find it.  But more than anything, the pure violent dance of DOOM was a beautiful, brutal ballet of action shooting.  It took everything you loved from 1993 and cranked it up to 11.  Certainly, a hard act to follow.  Yet after seeing the gameplay (several times), I’m convinced they now cranked it to 13.

First and foremost, the DOOM slayer is beefier and more badass looking than ever before.  Not only sporting updated armour that appears to have his “sleeves” ripped off, but also having a Predator-like shoulder mounted cannon.  And a brand new death-dealing melee weapon in the form of a wrist-mounted retractable blade.  But that’s just the start.  The weapons look like the updated versions from 2016 but now have multiple secondary fire attachments that are swappable on the fly.

The old faithful double barrel shotgun now gains a Scorpion-like chain hook that attaches to demons, hurls you towards them and you can deal out death in mid-air and jump right over them, firing the killing blow from behind.  It’s definitely one of my favourites from the reveal.  The combat shotgun gets one mode that attaches explosives to demons with a delayed detonation.  It also features a sort of gattling-automatic shotgun fire mode.  That Predator-shoulder cannon I was mentioning earlier, well it fires grenades as well as being a Flamethrower of sorts.  There is absolutely no shortage of how you will be able to brutally dispatch the demon hordes.

Of cause, one of the stars of DOOM(2016) returns, the brutal Glory Kills.  But they’re way more vicious this time around.  With all sorts of dismembering coming about thanks to that wrist-mounted blade.  You’ll be slicing and dicing hell-spawns like a hot knife through butter.  With that being said, a special mention has to be said about the phenomenal movement the player seems to have been given.  It’s faster and more vertical than before.  Plus a new boost feature lets you dodge attacks fast.  The dance of DOOM is looking better than ever and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

Though no release date has been officially announced,  I’m going to guess at a Halloween 2019 release date.  We’ll have to wait and see just how close I get to that date.  Just in case you did miss the gameplay reveals, you can check them out in the videos below.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.  Happy DOOM-Slaying!

DOOM Eternal Gameplay videos