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Microtransactions in GT Sport

What the hell are there Microtransactions in GT Sport

So that just happened and fans are livid.  We’re talking about the latest update that adds Microtransactions in GT Sport.  Here’s the full story.

It’s completely understandable that fans are losing their F#*@ing Sh$* over the latest GT Sport update.  I may even be one of those players who’s feeling irritated by this implementation.  So first of all, let’s just get the dirty details out of the way.  Update 1.23 not only adds new tracks, new cars and the ability to add decals and customizations to your driver’s Racing suit.  This is all great and is exactly what we’ve come to expect from GT.  However, one other “Feature” has reared its ugly head into my experience.  The inclusion of Microtransaction in GT Sport.  What the hell Polyphony?

Granted, the Microtransactions are not horrible Loot boxes that have the gaming world up in arms.  It all boils down to making around 200 of the in-game cars purchasable with real-world money.  The issue that has angered all of us is that before the game’s launch, Polyphony Digital confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport wouldn’t have any Microtransactions period.  Yet here we are, almost a Year later.  Up until this point, we’ve been happy to see a game month after month releasing Free DLC.

The only possible explanation for this sudden change of events could be that Gran Turismo Sport didn’t sell as well as Sony expected it to sell.  And if you look into sales data for the game you’ll notice that it sold far below what the previous entry in the franchise sold.  But that could mostly be because the game launched with very limited content.  Sure the game has improved over the last months that free DLC has been released.  However, that is nowhere near the amount of content you get in the game’s closest Rival Forza Motorsport 7 (Which also has loot boxes…sigh!).

Perhaps this is how Polyphony is trying to continue supporting the game’s free DLC.  With that being said, I completely disagree with them pulling this massive 180-degree turn on its fans.  Especially in a time where Microtransactions are considered so toxic by the gaming public.  What do you guys think of Polyphony’s addition of Microtransactions?  Share your frustrations with us in the comments section below.