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Sony Countdown to E3 Day 3

Sony Countdown to E3 Day 3 Stream

And we’re back with another Sony Countdown to E3 Day 3 Stream.  And from what we learned yesterday, it seems we might be getting something really special today.  Check it out.

Welcome back to our Sony Countdown to E3 Day 3 Stream.  Yesterday we got news for something we’ve been dying to know.  We got the release date trailer for the eagerly anticipated game Days Gone.  This is one of those titles we’re super excited about and now we know exactly how long it will take before we get our hands on it.  In case you missed the stream, the video can still be watched right here.  February 22, 2019, is when this post-apocalyptic adventure begins.  Mark the date down and stay tuned for more details of the game which will surely come out of E3.

But that’s yesterday’s news.  We learned that today we’ll be getting a brand new exclusive IP announcement.  Which means there’s only one place to be in the next 30 min and that’s right here on SkyGamers.co.za.  Just head on down below when the clock hits 17:00 and enjoy the stream.  As always keep coming back to SkyGamers for more E3 gaming news.  Now what exactly to do with myself until the stream starts?

Sony Countdown to E3 Day 3


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