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Star Wars Battlefront II Loot Crate Problem

Lets talk about Star Wars Battlefront II Loot crate problem

The Beta has come and gone and everyone can agree on one thing.  There’s a serious Star Wars Battlefront II loot crate problem.  This game needs to fail.

Before you grab your pitchforks and claim that I’m anti-Star Wars, let me clear a few things up.  First of all, after the excellent yet hectic weekend that was rAge 2017, I took some time off writing and games.  Got some perspective on things before heading back to this work I absolutely love.  I’ve had enough time and read enough opinions to formulate my own thoughts on this matter.  I love Star Wars, heck I was one of the few defenders of the first Battlefront game.  It had faults, sure, but it’s a phenomenally fun game I still play today.  So it is truly heartbreaking for me.  To come out to you guys and say because of the Star Wars Battlefront II loot crate problem, this game MUST FAIL!  It absolutely has to and if you bare with me, I’ll tell you why.

So this controversy has been making the rounds online.  Fans who have gotten their hands on the Beta have come across something rather disturbing.  Though the gameplay itself is crazy amounts of fun, it is spoilt by the ridiculous decision to base the progression system solely on earning loot crates.  Basically, instead of earning XP which then unlocks weapons and gear, you earn points which go towards unlocking a loot crate.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 announcement trailer

These loot crates may contain star cards, which can upgrade a character’s stats and abilities.  Or alternatively, they can contain scraps which you can collect enough of to unlock Star Cards or weapons.  It’s very tedious and grind heavy.  Unless you have stacks of cash, in which case you can just buy loot crates which guarantee at least one very good Star Card.  You know those annoying mobile free to play games that annoy you enough with the grinding to force you to buy crates.  Yeah, that kind of system.  Worse yet is that the system will boost your stats making it pretty much pay to win.

When DICE came out and said that there will be no paid DLC to split up the player base, we all knew it will come at a cost.  I knew loot crates were coming but I did not expect them to be so damaging to such a great game.  Let’s take Overwatch for a sec.  It handles the loot crate system very well.  You earn them at a steady rate and you get skins and voice packs and the like.  Nothing that effects actual gameplay.  Unlike Star Wars which will absolutely favour those with heftier wallets.  Those willing to spend the cash will have a hugely unfair advantage.  With that being said, this is only half the reason why this game should fail.  A more disturbing reason will be revealed in a moment.

EA is not the only publisher that is releasing an AAA-full-price game with a loot crate system.  The other being WB with Middle-Earth Shadow of War.  A phenomenal game that’s bogged down by this loot crate system as is reported by various critics.  Now here’s why these great games should fail.  If they succeed, more publishers will see this as a way to make even more money out of us gamers.  Think of this as beta testing the potential waters of this income stream.  Not only will they make a stupid amount of money from the game’s $60-00 price itself, but millions more from these forsaken loot crates.

These people are execs and they don’t have the same love for gaming that you and I do.  For them, it’s about the bottom line.  They couldn’t give two tosses about whether a greedy money grab system ruins the pleasure of those who love gaming.  And so we return to my initial point.  Should this game fail, those same execs I just spoke about will scrap this whole system and will never publish another paid game with loot crates again.  And if one publisher fails miserably, you can bet others will take note.

This is why I absolutely WILL NOT be buying Star Wars Battlefront II.  It sucks because DICE are excellent developers who probably had their hand forced.  Whatever the reason, the game absolutely needs to fail so we don’t get this loot crate crap in a full paid title again.  Instead, spend your money on a more worthwhile game such as Law Breakers.  Goodness knows those pro-consumer types need your money more than EA does.  And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.