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rAge 2017 Day One

We share our rAge 2017 Day One Gallery

It’s finally here, rAge 2017 Expo has finally opened its doors to the public today.  There’s so much we’ve seen and done that we’re just going to share our photo gallery.

It’s only been half the day so far and yet there’s so much we’ve already seen and done.  A couple highlights today is the ESL Counter Strike GO match at the Kwese Play arena.  The pro’s of South Africa duke it out to see who’s best while we get front row seats of the action.  We also got to see and play first-hand with the upcoming Xbox One X.  The only game available was Forza Motorsport 7.  Hooked up to a steering wheel and pedal set up with a pretty good 4K screen, we finally got to see the XBO-X in action and we absolutely love it.

There are really tons more so instead, we’ll let our extensive Day One pictures do all the talking.  So take a moment and enjoy the imagery with us goofing off with games below.  Enjoy and Happy rAge-ing.

rAge 2017 Day One Gallery