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Ready or Not reveal trailer

Intense tactical shooter Ready or Not reveal trailer

Void Interactive is getting ready to release an intense and chilling look at SWAT.  Warning!  The Ready or Not reveal trailer is very graphic and isn’t for the faint of heart.  If that’s you, turn around.

At first glance, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking you are looking at another Rainbow Six game.  Sure, Ready or Not does have some similarities in that it also deals with Tactical weapons operators.  However, that’s as far as the similarities go.  This game is intense.  Far more involved than any of the Rainbow games have ever been.  Void Interactive wanted to put realism first and foremost.  Once you see the Ready or Not reveal trailer, you’ll see what I mean by intense.  The game has a unique incremental lean system that works for door openings too.  In other words, you’ll be able to lean over a corner slowly to take a peek before fully committing to making your move.  They’ve even gone as far as to add the effects of being shot in the leg with some very realistic animations.

Players will be thrown into “hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments”.  The game will launch with a Single Player Mode, a Cooperative Mode as well as a Competitive Mode for up to 8 players.  Its realistic take on tactical warfare might not be for everyone.  However, if you can stomach the intense violence, realism and some of the unnerving situations SWAT teams get thrown into, then get locked and loaded.  Check out the reveal trailer below.  Happy Gaming!

Ready or Not reveal trailer