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Darksiders III announcement trailer

Official Darksiders III announcement trailer

Leaked early by Amazon, we now have the official confirmation of its existence.  What we have here is the Darksiders III announcement trailer.  Sit back, enjoy one more trip to the apocalypse.

The first two Darksiders games were nothing short of underrated gems.  I absolutely enjoyed them last gen.  In fact, I still have both my copies of Darksiders on my dusty old Xbox 360.  Unfortunately, with the apocalyptic demise of THQ, we thought we’d never see another Darksiders game ever again.  Until now.  Darksiders III sees you take the role of Fury, one of the horsemen(woman in this case) of the apocalypse.  Yes, I know the name isn’t Famine or Pestilence but yes she’s definitely a Horsemen.  It’s still unclear which one she is out of those two but we’ll find out soon enough.  I have to say, I’m super excited about the game’s release and you guys should definitely check out this Darksiders III announcement trailer.

Bare in mind, there isn’t any gameplay footage yet, but I’m confident we’ll get to see more of the game in action at E3.  So let’s not waste any more time and head into the announcement trailer.  Enjoy!

Darksiders III announcement Trailer