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Zen 2 announced

Zen 2 Announced by AMD…Finally!

After leaks and rumours were running around all over the internet. AMD finally has Zen 2 announced at Computex Expo. Details of the new line of CPU leaves gamers really excited. Finally, Dr Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD has…

Rage 2 System Requirements

Can your PC handle Rage 2 System Requirements?

The Action packed sequel will be dropping very soon from Id Software and Avalanche Studios. It’s looking pretty darn good. Does your PC have the muscle to handle Rage 2 System Requirements? I won’t lie, I’m pretty darn excited for…

Anthem Demo

Impressions from the Anthem Demo

The Team takes the upcoming Anthem for a spin and I gather my thoughts and share what the experience was like. Here’s Anthem Demo Impressions. This was an unbelievable mixed bag of love and hate that has me a bit…

Titanfall Battle Royale

Titanfall Battle Royale coming very soon

Rumours have been proven to be true. Titanfall Battle Royale is coming very soon with Respawn Entertainment releasing a gameplay reveal today. Titanfall 2 released in the worst possible time in 2016 sandwiched between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty…

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Not Heading to Steam on PC

Well this is awkward. PC gamers looking forward to Metro Exodus are in for a shocking surprise. The game will not be making it to Steam Store. No Really! The mighty Steam store gets a bit of a bloodied nose…

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