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Team Talk: Game releases we missed

Today’s post of Team Talk, we take a look at the game releases we missed and would like to have a go at those titles in our down time.  So sit back, kick off a load and enjoy this quick…

Reader Review: Pokemon Go

Presenting our first-ever Reader Review.  This brand new column has you guys sending in your review of a game you have played.  To kick this off, one of our readers sent us the review for Pokemon Go.  Jump inside and have…

Team Talk: Favourite Game of E3 2016

This may be a little belated.  The team had a tough time going through all the details of games at E3 so that we can pick our Favourite Game of E3 2016. This is another edition of Team Talk.

This Retro FPS is definitely worth a look

The retro FPS genre is actually a rare thing, unlike the platformers we’ve been getting and retro RPGs.  Enter Strafe which completely commits to 1990’s FPS aesthetic and culture.  Let me tell you all about it.

Resident Evil 7 Demo Preview

Capcom surprised everyone at the PlayStation E3 Press event by showing off a completely different Resident Evil experience.  To top that off, they dropped a demo of the game on PSN Store.  And we got our hands on it.

EPIC RANT: Dawn of New-Gen-Current-Gen Consoles

Rumours are making the rounds that Microsoft is also possibly working on a more powerful Xbox One, like Sony’s PlayStation Neo.  I’m not amused, I’m sure most of you aren’t either. Let me explain.