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Anthem LiveStream

Anthem LiveStream has left me cold

Bioware has shown off some FreePlay gameplay in a recent 45-minute Anthem LiveStream which we got to see.  I’m not entirely impressed with what I saw.  Here are my thoughts on Anthem as of seeing this gameplay.

Anthem is sort of a big deal from veteran RPG studio Bioware.  It’s a highly anticipated game coming out February 2019.  A lot of gamers are waiting patiently to get their hands on the upcoming title and see how Bioware will redeem themselves after the abysmal Mass Effect Andromeda (Technically it was handled by another Bioware Studio, not this one).  The Producers of the game decided to show off some new free play gameplay in an Anthem Livestream recently.  I got to see around 45-minutes of Anthem gameplay.  I was not impressed.  Bare in mind that this is still Alpha build so there’s a lot that could change between now and release.  So here are my cents.

I’m greatly disappointed by what I saw in the stream.  First and foremost, the game seems rather generic.  I hate saying that about a Bioware game but Anthem really doesn’t seem fresh at all.  It looks like Destiny had a baby with Warframe at one of Warframe’s new Open world locations.  And the funny thing is, I would have Warframe any day over Anthem at this point.  The visuals for some reason don’t look quite as sharp and gorgeous and vibrant as they did during the E3 showing.  Could this perhaps be another downgrade scandal waiting to happen?  Or perhaps there’s still a bit of time left to polish the game to perfection.  Either way, the visuals left me a little underwhelmed.

And the mission structure of these Random events are nothing more than arena fetch quests which really irritated the crap out of me.  I’m hoping to see a bit more variety in their mission execution come launch day.  Not to mention, the enemy units are barely interesting dare I say once again, generic robotic enemies.  The whole 45-minute affair left me cold and highly worried about this title.  I may have lost interest in this one and I hate feeling this way about a studio whose work I adore so much.  Who knows maybe time will tell.  Perhaps my harsh feelings will be quelled come February 2019.  Fingers Crossed!

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