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Are handle gaming devices dying out?

Are handle gaming devices dying out?

With Sony reportedly discontinuing support and possibly manufacturing of the PS Vita. This got me thinking are handle gaming devices dying out? Step inside to find out.

When Sony launched its PSP in 2004 it was every kids and man child’s dream. The portability of the device made it a “must have” fashion gaming accessory. I remember when I first bought one, I had theee biggest smile on my face as I was one of the #KoolKids on the block. Then came the PS Vita which launched in Dec 2011. The graphical upgrades and ability to remote play with your PS4 made gaming a whole lot easier. I’m not going to dwell much on the graphics, speed and user friendlyness of the devices as I’m sure you are all familiar enough with them. What I will do is drop the links where you can check out the specs of both just as a fresher:

Sony PSP:


Sony PS Vita:


My question as the title says are handle gaming devices dying out? Sony announced that they will no longer be manufacturing or supporting the PSP (already dead) or PS Vita possibly from the end of this year (correct me if Im wrong) and Sony has yet to announce a successor to the PS Vita. The PS Vita sold 10–15 million units (estimated) world wide. Question is, should Sony even bother with a successor to the PS Vita? Cellphones are becoming more and more powerful and getting bigger and bigger screens, you could actually just use your phone as your handle gaming device moving forward, thus yet again I ask…Are handle gaming devices dying out?

Drop us your comments…would be interesting to see what you guys think?

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