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Gaming addiction … Is it a real thing?

Statistically speaking around 91 % of all children play video games in some sort of a fashion. Mobile phone gaming in a big part of the numbers.

Most parent will be trilled if their children are playing educational games, like learning to type or doing mathematical problem solving. The problems we are facing now is that games take over the child life, altering their behavior. If you think I am over reacting let me give you example of the case of the nine-year-old girl. She like many other millions of people are addicted to playing fortnight. The problem game in that the was playing for over 10 hours straight. In the process she wet herself as she did not want to “switch off”. When her farther tried to remove the console, she lashed out hitting him in the face.

There are other similar cased like this one like the children in United Kingdom that refuse to go to school and would rather play games the whole day. Parents are pleading with the police to step in to stem the problem. There are a couple of problems associated with gaming addiction. Psychological problem develops like depression, low-self-esteem, higher stress levels and social anxiety. Health concern are obvious if you think about the nature of what you spend your time doing. You develop poor sleeping habits, eat unhealthy foods and lack of physical exercise is a reason for concern. In some cases, personal hygiene not washing themselves.

Family and friend suffer from the addiction where the user seems them as interfering with the gamine time. The user can get violent towards the people who love him\her and the user will neglect his\her responsibilities. You no longer spend time with “real” people so your interaction with other people means you are disconnected from society. The addiction can also lead to financial problems. Think of the cost of the computer upgrade, new consoles and other hardware that is needed to fuel the addiction. not to mention all the games and micro transaction in-game. Whatever your feeling is towards gaming in general we just need to keep things grounded. Moderation in all things i say.Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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