Black Ops IIII from a naysayers view

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Black Ops IIII

Black Ops IIII from a naysayers view

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Let’s talk about the popularity and buzz around Black Ops IIII from a naysayer’s perspective.  Get comfortable as I share my thoughts around the latest game.

First, let’s get some spring cleaning out of the way.  A little while back, I wrote an article in which I was highly critical about, the at the time unreleased, Black Ops IIII.  As a long time player of the franchise who really enjoyed their sometimes ridiculous campaigns, having the campaign mode released was a definite deal breaker for me.  I made a commitment to give this entry a hard pass.  Funny thing though, I got my hands on the Multiplayer recently.

Full disclosure, I haven’t played Black Ops 4 (ok look I’m sick of writing it as IIII…just feels wrong) final release, the SkyGamers team got our hands on the game at rAge 2018.  So I’m basing my thoughts on just what we experienced there.  There will be no talk about Black Out or Zombies.  That being said, the Multiplayer Component was hands down the very best Call of Duty experience I’ve ever had.  Yeah, it was shocking-ly that good.  Within moments, I could tell this wasn’t a mere reskin without jetboots.

It felt kind of like a faster paced Rainbow Six Seige.  Even that isn’t actually right.  I love that there’s no regenerating health, being moved to a Stim pack of sorts that you have to activate with a button push.  Forcing you to decide when is the ideal time to get your health up.  It’s a simple yet great idea.  The guns feel better than they ever have in any CoD game before.  And sure the visuals, to me at least, might not be cutting edge, but nonetheless looking highly detailed (our session was on a PS4 Pro).  These are all great things about a game I wasn’t looking forward to.

The game is now released and it’s getting some rather good reviews from fellow content creators.  I little thing bugs me though.  Yes, I finally want to play Black Ops 4 but that being said, I don’t want to encourage Activision.  Just hear me out for a bit.  The game is already setting records, and selling like hot cakes.  Activision being Activision might start thinking, “Ok so they still buying the game when we remove a huge piece of content”.  Next year’s CoD will have no Zombies.  Then next thing you know, No MP just Battle Royale!  And still, charge full price.

This is a bit of a principal problem for me.  The game is really fun and I want to experience it, I’m just not sure I want to give Activision my money.  I know one man’s stance won’t make a difference at all in the grand scheme of things but who knows, maybe I might inspire others.  So the solution is simple, support your favourite local gaming store and get the game second hand.  That way, you still get to play the game and Activision isn’t getting your money.  Sorry folks, just my principals.  And if you already bought the game brand new, I ain’t mad at ya…It’s a phenomenal title!

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