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Microsoft unveils service dubbed project xCloud

Microsoft new game streaming service xCloud is designed to work across consoles, pc, and mobile devices. Why should we care?

xCloud is designed to take gaming into the future. Giving you the gamer as much power as possible. Currently, you are tied to playing with a controller in front of your television. xCloud will provide all your games almost anywhere you want to play as long as there is an internet connection. You will not be limited to things like location, devices and platform restrictions. Think what streaming has done for the movie and music industry. Variety library of over 3000 games at your disposal at no extra cost as long as you own the game.

This is a very ambitious project, to say the least. If there is anyone that is capable of pulling this off my money is on Microsoft. Microsoft is no stranger to streaming by any means. Halo4 was streamed to a windows mobile phone and pc back in 2013. xCloud will make use of the custom hardware running on the Azure network. This means that all the computing is handled by the cloud. The visual and data are the only two components linked to your Xbox controller. The biggest challenge with a service like xCloud is latency. Their secret weapons seem to be advanced network techniques and coding of video.

Developers will be able to able to scale all aspect of their games using this new streaming service. Facing lots of hurdles to jump before we have a polished product. I am already thinking of things like key mapping, framerates, and multi-user networks.

With the beta testing starting early 2019 we will have to wait and see what other surprises Microsoft can conjure up. Microsoft needs to differentiate itself from the competition to survive in my opinion. If the rumors are true it means that we will get two Scarlett options, one cloud, and the other dedicated gaming console. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”

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