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Comic-Con Africa Day 2

Check our Comic-Con Africa Day 2 Gallery

#ComicConAfrica Day 2 comes packed with even more content than what we experienced yesterday.  We thought we just leave this Day 2 gallery right here.

So far so damn amazing.  Comic-Con Africa Day 2 has been nothing short of a smash hit.  In fact, one would go as far as to say the entirety of the show is truly spectacular.  Some high-quality content mixed in with some really great competitions.  It’s without a doubt a complete success.  Not to mention the fact that the show for 2018 was completely sold out for the entirety of the weekend.

We got to see really great Hitman 2 live gameplay with one of the game designers basically playing the game and having us choose our method of tackling the mission.  It was a heck of a lot of fun even though the entire room was filled with murdering psychopaths who pretty much wanted to kill every NPC on screen in weird and wonderful ways.  Also got my hands on Kingdom Hearts III and it was absolutely fantastic running on an Xbox One X.

As if that wasn’t enough, we got blown away by an awesome Venom trailer followed by a Drum-Birthday play for Venom star Tom Hardy (his birthday was today too).  Add to that a fascinating show from Entelect Challenge 2018 that involves some rather clever coders writing code for a tower defence bot to play against other bots.  It was hugely entertaining and we’ll be publishing a video on our channel with footage from this soon.  Fans also got to meet some celebrity panels from Big Bang Theory, and the cast members of American Gods.

Close the show off massive coverage of the Cosplay champion and you have yourself the most feature-packed show of 2018 so far.  We’ll do a Cosplay focussed article soon with a showcase of the highly talented Cosplayers.   With that being said, we have a collection of pics from Day 2 that we want to share with you guys.

Comic-Con Africa Day 2 Gallery

As always keep coming back to SkyGamers for Day 3 coverage of Comic-Con Africa.  And don’t forget to enter our DOOM (2016) game giveaway.  Just head over to that link for details.  You got nothing to lose and one of the best FPS games to win.  Check it out!  Happy Gaming!

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