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Comicon SA 2018 – Finally What to expect?

With Comicon SA 2018 first appearance in South Africa, brings an aura of excitement. Let take a tour to see what is on offer at this prestigious event.

Expectations are high for Comicon SA 2018 with the various artist attending from international stars like Kevin Sussman. Local artists like Moray Rhoda and cosplay royalty like Yaya Han.

There are a variety of stores to keep you entertained with some of the best visuals to entice your senses.

There are various briefings giving you more information ranging from cosplay, Manga, new game releases and screenings of various shows. A personal experience we would advise you look at the schedules and plan accordingly as you can get overwhelmed.

Layout is broken into various areas but be aware that the number of people can cause congestion. For people not up to scratch with the latest comic book culture can rest easy there is a gaming element to the show as well.

There are various games one can partake in on multi-platforms and there are various matched displayed on big screens from a spectator’s view.

The day is full of opportunities to win prizes if you are willing to join the Easter hunt.

The first day had drawn to a close and I am excited about what tomorrow will bring, stay tuned to get all the details.

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