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Battlefield V delayed

Battlefield V delayed but this is a good thing

By now, you no doubt have heard that Battlefield V delayed by EA.  That’s a good thing and I share with you guys why I take that odd stance.  Hop inside after the break.

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way.  Battlefield V delayed to 20 November 2018.  Originally the game was meant to release on the 19th October but is pushed back by a month.  And I have to agree with EA on this decision.  Of cause, EA claims that their devs need time to lock down the core game mechanics.  The real reason is far less, flattering.

If we take a peek back to 2016, Titanfall 2, a criminally underrated game was unfortunately released smack between EA’s own Battlefield 1 and CoD Infinite Warfare.  As a result, the game sold really poorly.  Which sucks as it was such a fantastic title.  Fast forward to today and history very nearly repeated itself.

This time, Battlefield V is sandwiched between the hugely anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 and CoD Black Ops IIII (that’s not a mistake its how Treyarch decided to write Roman 4 for some reason).  Add to that, Battlefield was recently reported to be trailing CoD in pre-orders with an 85% margin.  This is terrible news for EA when it comes to their flagship FPS title.  Had they gone ahead with the previous release date, Battlefield V would effectively be dead on arrival.

Going back to my initial statement, the delay is absolutely a good thing.  DICE is really putting all they’ve got into this year’s Battlefield release.  The game is looking absolutely stunning and reports seem to be that it’s hugely fun to play.  The team has no doubt learned their lesson from the controversial Star Wars Battlefront II from last year.  Or at least we hope they have.  I feel this game deserves a chance at success.  Moving it a month and a day from such heavy opposition will give it the necessary distance from those heavy hitters to be a success in its own right.

Battlefield V was playing chicken with RDR2 and it totally blinked.  Come to think of it, that same month I would absolutely be buying RDR2 over Battlefield too.  BlackOps IIII is a hard pass for me.  So what do you guys think?  Do you agree with my thoughts?  If you had a choice between those 3 games, which one would be the one you’d be spending your money on?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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