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Xbox All Access maybe a game changer

Microsoft has officially announced a possible game changer in the new Subscription service Xbox All Access.  I’ll share the details as well as why this is a big deal.

Xbox One started off on the wrong foot this generation.  It’s no secret.  As a result, Microsoft has been lagging behind its competitor PS4 the entire generation so far.  It’s become so bad, that a while back, Microsoft decided to stop sharing their sales data with the world.  Analysts peg the sales ratio at 2:1 for PS4 to Xbox One.  Add to that a massive shortage of exclusives games and you have yourself a recipe for failure.  With that being said Microsoft has been working hard at introducing some great improvements to the platform as a whole.  We got backwards compatibility with previous consoles.  Cross-play and play anywhere programs were great consumer friendly practices.  Followed by the launch of the great value subscription package that is Xbox Game Pass.  Now there’s a brand new Xbox All Access package that might just make this eco system, the greatest gaming value proposition ever.

What exactly is All Access?  Here’s the simple answer.  Take your Xbox Gold subscription, throw in your Xbox Game Pass subscription and finally top it off with Xbox One S or Xbox One X hardware over 24 months.  All this at a low entry price of $21-99 per month for the One S and $34-99 for the One X.  I can’t stress enough what a great value package that actually is.  Think of it this way, at the price of a really great lunch eat out, you get have your console gaming completely sorted.  Here’s why I think this is a game-changer.

We’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while now with mobile phones.  You pay a monthly price and after 24 months you keep your device.  Microsoft has identified that not a lot of gamers can always afford to drop $500 on a console, more on multiple subscriptions and games every now and then.  All this ends up being a rather expensive hobby.  A bit too expensive for some.  How do you remedy this?  Make the price of entry as low as possible.  With All Access, not only is the subscription really low, but there’s the added benefit of Game Pass which potentially means you might not need to purchase a single game in the entirety of your 24 months.  Don’t forget you’ll also be getting 4 free Games with Gold games every month.

Though this will bring more gamers over to Xbox platform, I more interested in what this means for the future.  If the Xbox Next gen console launches 2 years from now, All Access subscribers will be able to hop from the One to the brand new console just as it releases.  The timing could be more perfect.  Does this potentially mean the Codename Scarlet will be launching in 2020?  I seriously think so.  Also, with all these great consumer friendly packages, and Microsoft’s massive investment in Development studios, we might be looking at a Next-Gen winner.  I figure this is less about making up lost ground during this generation and more about laying the foundation for the next generation.