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DOOM Eternal gameplay

DOOM Eternal gameplay premiere coming Friday

Id Software will be showing off the first ever DOOM Eternal gameplay Premier end of this week.  And the entire team here has just lost its mind with this news.

DOOM 2016 is an absolute gaming landmark.  And to this day still, hold the title of my favourite FPS game to date.  I have a feeling it will most likely be dethroned by the upcoming sequel.  During E3 2018, Bethesda only teased at the game without actually showing anything.  This is about to change this week when they show off DOOM Eternal gameplay Premier.

All that is left to be done now is to add the above date to your calendar and wait very patiently.  We’ll be adding the stream right on a post later this week.  That way you guys can just hop over to here and check out the stream.  Seriously Friday can’t come soon enough.  As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers.co.za.  Happy DOOM-Slaying!

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