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Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion Not on ZA Store

This one seems to be a problem for South African gamers only.  Fight Night Champion doesn’t seem to be anywhere on Xbox One Store.  We try to find out what happened.

So as we’ve previously covered in an article some time back about Microsoft adding the phenomenal boxing game Fight Night Champion to Backwards Compatibility program.  And on that day, we tried to download the game on Xbox One console.  But something peculiar happened.  The game didn’t appear on the “Ready to Install” tab in My Games and Apps.  As you guys know, if you’ve previously purchased a game (including backwards compatible titles) they all appear here.  However, the Fight Night game was nowhere to be found.  Curious right?

Ok so perhaps, it’s taking a bit of time for the local Xbox Store to load it.  No problem, this has happened before…think nothing of it, I thought to myself and shelved the whole idea.  I figured I’d just hop back in some other time in the future and download it then.  Unfortunately, 2 months went passed and you guessed it, bubkis!  No Fight Night!  So I hop back into my Xbox 360 console and take a peek at my downloaded games and there it is.  Just to make sure the game wasn’t removed from Xbox Store, I head over to the Store section of the 360 and there it is yet again.  Complete with the little Play on Xbox One icon.  Surely there must be an explanation.

Time to head over to Xbox Support.  I speak to one of the nice consultants there and the guy was really helpful in trying to troubleshoot what the problem was.  And believe me, we went through every possible conceivable troubleshooting option.  Including Resetting the Xbox One X console and yep everything led to a dead end.  1 hour 5 min later and the problem still persists.  At that point, I shared a theory I had about what was going on with the consultant.  Maybe, just maybe something on the server side configuration has gone wrong.  That resulted in the Xbox 360 game that is available on the 360 Store to not be ported to Xbox One Store.  Afterall, if the game is not on the store, it won’t appear in your “Ready to Install” list.

Unfortunately, my hour-long call got cut off and I’m yet to find an answer to this weird predicament.  Hopefully, the nice man on the other side of the phone will make all the necessary calls to prove or disprove my theory and get back to me with a solution.  Until then, Fight Night Champion is off the cards on Xbox One.  Now I turn to you guys.  If any of you ZA Region Xbox gamers are experiencing the same issue, please sound off in the comments section below.  Or better yet, just try and search for Fight Night Champion on your Xbox One and give us a shout if it’s a hit or miss.  You can post your findings on our Twitter account or just drop a message in the comments section below.

Then maybe with some solid numbers from the Xbox One South African gaming community, we could get a resolution to this problem.


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