What do you mean Next Xbox Consoles?

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Next Xbox Consoles

What do you mean Next Xbox Consoles?

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E3 2018  teased that Microsoft is currently in development of the next-gen Xbox.  We speculate on exactly what Phil Spencer meant by Next Xbox Consoles.  Hop inside for our guesses.

E3 2018 left a huge impression on me for the future of the Xbox platform.  Xbox One might have been a low point for the brand as a whole, but from what we’ve seen at E3, Microsoft is looking at getting back to the top, next generation.  But something peculiar was let slip by Phil Spencer during the Xbox Press Event.  He confirmed that they’re busy in development of the Next Xbox consoles.  Wait…Xbox Consoles?  What do you mean Xbox Consoles?

So nothing else has been officially released since then so what I’m going to do is speculate on what this could mean for Xbox.  Bear in mind, this is just speculation on my part.  Ok, so let’s get to it.  The first thing we know for sure is that Microsoft is working on a new Streaming service that will allow gamers to game on Xbox platform on pretty much any device such as mobile phone, tablet and possibly Smart TVs.  But what if that’s a hint at one of these upcoming Xbox Platforms?  Here’s my theory on what this could mean.

Entry Level Xbox  Streaming Console

Perhaps Microsoft could be looking at a lower priced Streaming Xbox Console with a very low entry point.  Think along the price point of an Apple TV that gives gamers access to this proposed Streaming service.  You would get a tiny box, an official Xbox controller and all your gaming would be via streaming from their robust Azure servers.  No processing would be done on the client side, just merely inputs from your controller and output, from the internet through the box to the TV.  Of cause being the entry-level streaming only unit, you’d get the same level of graphics but at a much lower resolution.  Along the lines of 1080p 60 fps.  Streaming games over the internet is nowhere near ready for 4K fidelity graphics.

In addition to that, it would make the bandwidth demand much lower if the games are streamed at 1080p, maybe even as low at 720p.  The ideal situation though would be if the service can detect your internet bandwidth and scale the resolution down or up based on your connection.  Those with highspeed connection would get full 1080p 60 while those with slower connections would get maybe even 480p 60.  60 FPS is none negotiable for next-gen consoles.  This would be ideal for those gamers not willing to spend a premium to get Native Next-gen 4K graphics, but still, want to play next-gen games.  The best part is, you would easily be able to take all your previous gen (digital) titles with you.  All without worrying about re-installing that library to disk.  One would simply have it available straight from the Dashboard.

Top Tier Xbox Console

Ok, so we already know the next console will be Ryzen/Navi powered.  Just like the rival PS5 will be, obviously with their own custom configurations on the chipset.  Perhaps this is the Premium top-tier console.  I expect nothing less than 10 TFLOPS of processing power.  With the new Ryzen CPU, all hardcore gaming crowd can expect nothing less than Native 4K at 60 FPS.  Xbox One X has already given us a taste of this.  So I have absolutely no doubt that the next console will achieve it as an absolute baseline.

Those with larger pockets and a discerning taste for high-end console gaming will fork out the premium price to get the powerful hardware in the box.  4K Blu-ray drive and potentially 2TB SSD would be right in the box.  Though to be honest, 2 TB is nowhere near enough just looking at how big current 4K patched games are.  At the same time, being an SSD could drive the price to extravagant levels.  With that being said, spindle drives would be just far too slow at loading massive 4K data.  And I don’t see physical disc going away just yet.  And without a doubt, Backwards Compatibility will continue to be a part of Xbox platform going forward.


Microsoft definitely has the resources to make these Xbox Consoles a possibility.  Streaming makes sense as they’ve already confirmed working on the technology.  So a streaming box is totally viable with low-end hardware.  While those wanting an uncompromised Next-gen gaming experience want to spend more money on the more beefier, true Next-gen console.  Just off the top of my head would place the Streaming Box at $199-00 and the High-End box at around $499-00 (Anymore than that and the console would be dead at arrival).  Personally, I would spend the extra cash on the High-end hardware.  But that’s just me.  What do you guys think?  Am I close or just spewing hot air?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  Happy Next-Gen-ing!

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