ICYMI RUSH 2018 Highlights video

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RUSH 2018 Highlights video

ICYMI RUSH 2018 Highlights video

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RUSH 2018 has come and gone and left behind some wonderful eSport memories.  So for those who didn’t catch our YouTube Video, RUSH 2018 Highlights video.

What a RUSH we had this weekend (Ok that’s a pretty terrible pun).  Even though the event has come and gone, all who’ve attended are left with some rather fun memories of the eSport event.  We took 3 days of eSport-ing footage and condensed it down to a mere palatable 10 minutes of highlights.  So if you missed all the crazy goodness, we have the RUSH 2018 Highlights video for you to get all caught up.

Overall what did I think of the event you might ask?  RUSH has really great potential to be something as large and popular as rAge Expo.  Though a lot of fun was had, I can’t help but feel more variety was required.  Specifically in the tournaments that were hosted.  Sure one could argue they only focussed on the most popular of eSports games, and rightfully so.  However, Fortnite Mobile over the console or PC variants is a misstep in my opinion.  One other gripe I had is that there weren’t enough game stands for attendees to try out some games.  Sure the Gran Turismo Sport booths were awesome as well as the VR stands and Dragonball Fighter Z.  But more is more and we desperately needed MORE.

All in all, there is definitely potential for future RUSH events.  This could be the catalyst to start a massive South African eSport culture.  Enough babble from me, check out the Highlights reel.  Enjoy!

RUSH 2018 Highlights Video

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