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Ubisoft E3 Showcase

Ubisoft E3 Showcase Stream is Up Next

Square Enix is done, sweet and short, we move on to Ubisoft E3 Showcase up next.  What a jam-packed E3 this turned out to be.  Hop inside and join the stream.

I enjoyed the rather short Showcase from Square Enix.  It was straight to the point and none of the frills.  However, this is all about Ubisoft now.  I have huge expectations for the Ubisoft E3 Showcase.  My predictions for this one are as follows.  Assasins Creed Odessy (because leaks), some of that Division 2 action we saw during the Xbox presentation.  Expect a whole slew of VR games.  But if I were to dig deep, I’m really hoping for a new Splinter Cell game which is long overdue.

The stream is a few minutes away and I can’t wait to see exactly what Ubisoft has in store.  With that being said.  Check back in about 30 minutes and join us for the stream.  As always, keep it locked to SkyGamers.co.za.

Ubisoft E3 Showcase