EA Press conference RECAP

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EA Press conference RECAP

EA Press conference RECAP

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EA has had its chance at the stage and feelings are less than stellar.  None-the-less, in case you missed the stream here’s our EA Press conference recap.  Step into my office

EA kicked off the E3 festivities and it was kinda, how do I say it without being overly critical.  Ahh yes, underwhelming.  Seriously, the bar has been set so low that pretty much every other presentation will be better.  Yes, that low.  Granted there were some great moments involving Anthem and a fun little platformer which I’ll get to in a moment.  You know what, let’s just jump into it, I kinda don’t wanna dwell on this subpar experience.

Battlefield V

They kicked off their presentation with Battlefield V.  After the Battlefield event you would expect that they were going to show some actual gameplay.  Alas, none was shown.  We got treated to the same information we had already received in the prior event.  However, a Battle Royale mode was announced for the game (face firmly in palm).  Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about that. Good gameplay info includes Turrets that are now movable with vehicles.  As shown in the first trailer players will be able to jump out of windows.  We were promised that War Stories which is Single Player Campaign will be shown at Xbox Press Event, so I’m looking forward to that.  Oh and No Loot boxes…Yay!


Oh yes, the golden goose for EA.  The game that keeps giving them huge amounts of money year after year.  Of cause, this reveal is absolutely no surprise.  I’ve said this once I’ve said it before.  Fifa is an excellent soccer game, blah blah blah.  The only noteworthy thing about this reveal is that UEFA champions league is now officially included.  Complete with a campaign mode and a story mode.  And players of FIFA 18 will get free World Cup 2018 update.  Speaking of which, FIFA 18 trail is live now, so download and give it a shot.

Game Streaming Service/Origin Access Premier

EA announced a game streaming service next.  The idea is that you will be able to play all EA games from any device running this streaming app.  Whether it’s on your smart TV or Tablet or even phone.  It’s basically similar to what PlayStation attempted with the PlayStation Now service.  I can’t dispute that it’s a great idea.  I’m just worried that with EA working on it, what added monetizations with they add.  Not to mention that the PS Now service is barely usable.  So who knows, time will tell.  Origin Access gets another paid tier which seems pretty similar to Xbox’s Game Pass.  You’ll also be able to get a limited time free trial for Origin Access.  Nothing really special there, so I’ll leave it at that.

Respawn Star Wars Game

This absolutely broke my heart.  This is what I was really excited to get more information about.  But we literally got nothing but a name.  EA basically announced the name of an upcoming Respawn Star Wars game in the most impromptu way possible.  No trailer, No images, no logo, nothing but the name.  Jedi Fallen Order.  The game will be set chronologically between Episode 3 and Episode 4 with the Jedi being hunted.  Either than that, we have a release date of holiday 2019.  So maybe it will be E3 2019’s big showing.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Yes, the game is already out and has had a crap tonne of controversy (which EA hasn’t even acknowledged throughout the entire presentation).  Well, it’s back and this time you’ll be getting more content in the form of General Grievous and a new map from Episode 2.  Meh!  I never bought the game but for those of you still into it, perhaps this is good news.  Players will also be getting Solo related content but no release dates yet.

Unravel Two

This was genuinely a pleasant surprise.  Yarney makes a return with this beautiful platformer.  The game now sports co-op which can interestingly enough be played alone.  The Player will be able to “carry” the second character for the more faster-paced sequences.  For slower puzzle moments you could split the characters in two.  The biggest surprise is that the game is available right now.  That’s right Unravel Two has officially launched.  Nice!

EA Original – Sea of Solitude

Is it just I or the best things out of EA were the smaller, SINGLE PLAYER experiences coming from smaller studios?  Because the next game announced from EA Originals stable was a gorgeous and emotional tale of loneliness.  The Sea of Solitude showing was one of the most sincere I’ve seen in this entire show.  You can see the love and emotional connection the dev has for this creation.  It’s an interesting title and one we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

NBA Live 19/ Madden 19

I’ve smashed these two together because well basically that’s how EA dropped them.  We got a back to back trailer of NBA Live and shortly followed by Madden 19.  With a rather awkward onstage moment of the Madden ESports champion and an actual NFL player.  Seriously awkward, they shouldn’t have bothered with that.

Command and Conquer Rivals

So this came as a shock and out of nowhere.  Two gamers came onto the stage to play a yet unnamed mobile strategy game with commentary from professional shout-casters.  You could see the audience die a little inside.  And when it all came to a merciful end, it was announced that this is Command and Conquer Rivals.  Yes, the great Strategy game franchise of our time has been diluted into a mere mobile game….(silently stares at the screen)!


The game of the moment.  Anthem finally got a showing.  Honestly, this is the game I sat through the entire presentation for.  EA saved the best for last.  We got quite a few details about the title.  A brand new Trailer was showed off.  Story details we shared about how some old gods of the planet have left some of their tools behind that constantly keep changing the world.   When at Home Base, Single Player story is told and effects of your actions realized.  As mentioned before, the game world is constantly changing including massive events that affect everyone. You play a Freelance that pilots those Javelin armored suits.  Players will get 4 Javelin Classes that can be changed back at base before a mission.  Javelins are fully customizable and Customizations are sadly microtransactions. No lootboxes though…yay.  Lastly, after showing some rather short gameplay we get an official release date of release date 22 February 2019.  I still feel like we didn’t see enough of this game.  We’ll be keeping our eye on this one.

So that was EA’s E3 press conference.  What do you guys think of the whole lacklusture affair.  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  Stay tuned to SkyGamers for more E3 covereage.  Xbox Show, you’re up next!

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