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E3 2018 Xbox Press Event

Catch the E3 2018 Xbox Press Event

After EA has it’s not so great turn at the stage, it’s time for Microsoft.  Come and join us and watch the E3 2018 Xbox Press Event right here.  Xbox On!

This is the one briefing which we literally have no clue what is up their sleeves.  We have no clue of any first party games in the works.  No clue of any third party exclusives and the poster boy for Xbox E3 (Crackdown 3) has been delayed until 2019 so I doubt it will have a substantial showing.  My predictions, we’re obviously going to get a Forza Horizon announcement.  Followed by possibly a Gears of War 5 and maybe Halo 6 announcement via trailer.  I have my fingers crossed for a release date for the One X update for Halo Master Chief Collection.  I really hope Microsoft brings their A-Game this year, they’re the ones with the most to lose.  We’ll find out soon enough in about 3 hours from now.

So please, come back and join us in watching the stream, right here at SkyGamers.co.za.

E3 2018 Xbox Press Event Stream

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