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Sony Pre-E3 announcements

Sony Pre-E3 announcements on the way

We’re fast approaching E3 2018 and I honestly couldn’t be more excited.  Neither can Sony it seems.  Starting today, Sony Pre-E3 announcements will be streamed Live.  You can catch them right here.

E3 is the biggest gaming event on every gamer’s calendar.  Excitement fills the air for both the Press and gamers.  E3 2018 kicks off June 12th with the Pre-Show media briefings starting this Saturday the 10th.  Sony decided to start even earlier than everyone else by announcing new games for their platforms starting today with Sony Pre-E3 announcements.  Ending off this “Countdown to E3 2018” on Sunday.

We don’t know the exact details of what will be shown.  Except that the titles will be for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR exclusives.  If you’re wondering how you can catch this event, we’ve made it extra easy for you guys.  Just head down below and you’ll see the Live Stream below.  Make life doubly easier by bookmarking this page so you can keep coming back in the upcoming days for more countdown to E3 streams.  The Stream starts in about an hour from the time of posting this article so make sure not to miss it.

We’ll be posting all details from E3 throughout the coming week.  So stay tuned to SkyGamers.  Happy Pre-E3-Gaming!

Sony Pre-E3 Announcements Stream

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