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Paladins official release

Finally Paladins official release imminent

In what feels like forever since this game has been in Beta, Paladins official release is finally happening.  Like real soon.  The best part is you’ll be getting some nice goodies too.

This hugely underrated title started off life as nothing more than what many considered a cheap Overwatch clone.  I may have also been one of those few who thought of it as a cheap knockoff.  Until I started playing the damn thing.  And played some more, and sank even more time into what was only an early access beta.  Paladins had me hooked.  It was a seriously fun title.  Finally, after a really long stint in Early Access, Paladins Official release is happening.  Real soon.  Seriously, tomorrow when you wake up, Paladins will be an officially released game.

That’s right, 8 May 2018 is the day.  And to celebrate, HiRez Studios is giving away a ton of content to say thank for sticking with them through the development of this underrated gem.  All Beta players will be receiving 200 Crystals free.  Just remember to log in before the game is released to be eligible.  Add to that, all the Champions will be unlocked.  One more thing.  The game will remain absolutely free-to-play.

At a low low price of Free-99, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers for all the latest gaming news.  Happy Champion-of-the-Realm-ing!

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