Shenmue I & II heading to current gen systems

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Shenmue I & II

Shenmue I & II heading to current gen systems

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This news came completely out of nowhere.  But actually, it makes a whole lot of sense that Shenmue I & II are getting released on PS4, Xbox One & PC.  And I’ll tell you why after this short break.

So we already know Shenmue III is currently under development as a PS4 Console exclusive and getting a release on PC as well.  So when news broke out that Shenmue I & II HD remasters are getting released for PS4, Xbox and PC, I couldn’t help but think, yes of cause!  You see, Shenmue was a phenomenal game that was released exclusively to Sega Dreamcast.  It was highly praised by critics and fans alike.  However, Shenmue II ended on a cliffhanger that would seem to never get resolved.  Until now.

However, it’s been such a long time since the release of the first two games that most modern gamers probably never even heard of this game that the press is so excited about.  Enter the HD remasters.  This will give newcomers to the franchise a chance to see what the game is about and therefore better understand the lore and backstory first hand.  That way, when Shenmue III comes rolling by, everyone new is all caught up and everyone old can finally get the entire series on one modern platform.  It’s an ingenious plan from Sega and one we all should’ve seen coming since the announcement of Shenmue III.

Something else is intriguing me though.  The HD remasters are releasing on all platforms.  What’s the point of that if Xbox One gamers won’t be getting their hands on Shenmue III?  Unless the PS4 exclusivity is only timed.  Which could potentially mean, Xbox One gamers might also be getting their hands on Shenmue III at a later stage.  Is it really that hard to believe?  No Man’s Sky and Hellblade were both exclusives and are now heading to Xbox One…  Only time will tell.  As always, stay tuned to SkyGamers for more of your favorite gaming news.

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