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Steam free-to-play weekend

Steam free-to-play weekend drops 3 titles

PC gamers get a real treat this weekend.  Steam free-to-play weekend drops 3 games for you to enjoy including the heavy hitter Ghost Recon Wildlands.  Might want to clear your weekend of all activities.

Technically, the Steam free-to-play weekend kicked off yesterday on the 12th of April and will be continuing until the 15th.  So there’s still plenty of time for you guys to give these games a bash as soon as you knock off from work, or school or whatever you fill your days with.  This weekend players will get not 1 or 2 but 3 titles that are totally worth your time.

The highlight of this free-to-play weekend is the awesome Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.  It just so happens that this kicks off right at the same time as the game’s first Year 2 update kicks off.  Which features the return of the legend that is Sam Fisher in Operation Splinter Cell.  A little extra note, PS4, and Xbox One gamers will also be getting this game to try out this weekend.

Next up is the behemoth that is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.  If you’ve never played this game before, now’s your chance to have a go with the beautifully updated version with improved graphics.  The bad news is, this game is so huge and so packed with content that this weekend will be nowhere near enough to scratch the surface of this gem.  You’re probably going to end up buying it afterward.

And finally is online shooter Ballistic Overkill will be giving you tons of action-shooting-people-in-the-face fun.  Totally worth giving a go especially since you not paying for it!  For now.  As always please keep coming back to SkyGamer for more of your favorite gaming news.  Also, take a peek at our newly launched SkyGamers Store to get your hands on a selection of awesome Steam games at a rock bottom price.  Just browse, pick your game, purchase and the game code will be in your mailbox before you know it.  Happy Free-Weekend Gaming!