SkyGamers Store is officially a thing

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SkyGamers Store

SkyGamers Store is officially a thing

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So you might have noticed our absence for a while.  That’s because we’ve been working hard on an exciting venture.  Meet our new baby, SkyGamers Store.

As the small team, we are, it’s difficult sometimes to continue to push out quality content while working on other projects at the same time.  So as a result, you guys might have noticed that our content all but disappeared.  But there’s a really good reason for that.  A reason we’ve been keeping to ourselves until now.  You see, we had this idea.  A place where our fellow gamers could get their hands on awesome games at a ridiculously low discounted price.  While also removing the tedium of dealing with the logistics of shipping products.  Enter SkyGamers Store.  And I’m going to tell you all about our latest project.

So what you get is a storefront that lets you browse for games you like, purchase the game and have the download code delivered to your email in no time.  That means no more waits for a game to be delivered to your store.  Simply redeem your code and start your download immediately.  We spent a great amount of time scouring the earth trying to find the lowest possible deals so that you guys can enjoy the awesome gaming at a low low price.

For the moment we’ll be stocking Steam Games but are working hard on getting suppliers for Xbox and PlayStation games.  So please, go over to our store and see just how low our prices really go.  We’re currently running a Launch Sale that will continue until all stock is sold.  Bare in mind, the stock limited so you might want to hurry up.


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