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Latest PlayStation Update

Latest PlayStation Update Version 5.50 now Live

Sony has once again dropped the Latest PlayStation Update Version 5.50.  This one is less flash and more functional.  Details of the update will be after this short break.

So normally when an OS update for a console drops, gamers expect to see some flashy visual upgrades to the UI.  This is a more subtle update with the emphasis on functionality over pure eye candy.  So what’s packed in the latest PlayStation Update Version 5.50?  I’m going to kick off with the biggest one for PS4 Pro owners.  That being the long requested feature, Supersampling.  This is the feature for 1080p display gamers whereby the the 4K image is brute forced into the 1080p screen greatly improving the image quality.  This feature is activated at a system level on the Xbox One X console so it’s definitely about time it makes its way to the Pro as well.

Another nice to have is PlayTime Management.  This is for you folks who don’t want your kids to be spending far too much time doing something as awesome as gaming.  You effectively set a maximum time limit for gaming.  Library gets an upgrade too.  This time adding an area to be able to see which games are currently installed on “This PS4”.  Another to see which games have been purchased by your PSN ID.  It’s a nice touch to keep things that much more organised.

Notifications gets some streamlining, the ability to import custom wallpapers and a swarth of other features round off this update nicely.  One really simple addition I would like to see in the PS Store.  Sony, are you reading this?  Add a little section of the game page that tells us this game is PS4 Pro enhanced along with a supported Display resolution.  You already show that the game supports 1080p, so if it supports 2160p, just add that there too.  How hard can it be.  You have no idea how many times a PS4 Pro game that only goes up to 1080 has left us staring at the screen thinking something is wrong with the res.

In any case, Update 5.50 is available.  So download and enjoy all the new features.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.  Happy Gaming!

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