Zombie hordes in Operation Chimera Outbreak Trailer

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Operation Chimera Outbreak.

Zombie hordes in Operation Chimera Outbreak Trailer

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Zombies make their way to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Operation Chimera Outbreak. Check out this awesome Gameplay trailer.

Ubisoft has been doing a phenomenal job with Rainbow Six Siege by constantly adding content.  As a result, the game still has a strong following with fans.  Who can blame them?  The game is absolute boatloads of fun and I keep coming back to it after short hiatus.  Ubisoft has just dropped another reason to return to the world of tactical close quarters combat, with a huge twist no one saw coming.  Enter Operation Chimera Outbreak event that adds everyone’s favorite faceless murder fodder.  Zombies.  But these aren’t your usual slow useless zombies.

They’re fast and maneuver like a nat at a BBQ.  Think back to Left 4 Dead zombies and sprinkle in some Last of Us designs and you get the idea.  With R6S ‘s destructible environments, these monsters can come out of every nook and cranny in the map.  Fast, brutal and glorious.  So what more do you get besides the zombie apocalypse?  Operation Chimera adds two new Operators to the Rainbow Team.  Lion and Finka come from France and Russia respectively and are veterans of numerous conflicts involving biochemical threats.  A new map and of cause the 3 person co-op mode itself.

Outbreak event will be running from the 6ht March to the 3rd April 2018.  Still not convinced to jump back into the game?  Maybe this gameplay trailer can sway your mind.

Operation Chimera Outbreak Gameplay Trailer

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