God of War Release date confirmed in new trailer

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God of War Release date

God of War Release date confirmed in new trailer

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After patiently waiting through 2017 for more details, we finally get the official God of War Release date. All this and more in the epic Story trailer we have waiting for you inside.

Every PlayStation fan has been waiting with bated breath for more info on the upcoming show stopping game, God of War.  Rejoice fans, as we have the official God of War release date in the epic story trailer below.  Even better news is that you don’t really have long to wait before this behemoth of a game drops.

The game sees Kratos embark on a Journey with his son into the new Norse Realm.  His son has no idea that his father is actually a DemiGod and that he himself also possesses the same heritage.  This could very well be the best story in a God of War game to date.  Just from the trailer alone, there’s so much heart and action and intrigue.  I personally can’t wait for this game to roll around.

And When exactly can you expect Kratos’s new adventure?  God of War will be releasing exclusively on PS4 on the 20th April 2018.  So you guys don’t have very long to wait.  Go on, check out the epic Story trailer below.  While you’re at it, head on over to our Youtube channel and subscribe.  We’ll be working be putting up more video content in our channel in future.  Enjoy the trailer and Happy Norse god murdering!

God of War Story Trailer 2018

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